• A Regrettable Announcement

    so, it’s finally time for me to announce something that i’ve been putting off for a while. some of you may know a bit about this already, but the situation has reached a point where i have no choice but to make a public announcement to explain my situation.

    i have a chronic and debilitating health problem, which remains undiagnosed after much testing (further tests are scheduled), and seems to be getting worse. i’d rather not get into the gory details, but i get nasty attacks that last about 10-12 days, and make me totally incapable of anything. in between these attacks, i can function totally normally, but the problem is that the attacks are becoming more and more frequent, and it’s getting to where i feel like i am sick almost more often than not. i have been referred to specialists, and i am sure that eventually the doctors will get this figured out, and i can begin some kind of treatment, but until then, i just have to deal with it.

    because of all of this, my ability to get things done has been severely impaired, and i am not sure how much work i’ll be able to do in the near future. i have already had to cancel or postpone all of my projects and obligations for the next several months, and i am really not sure when i’ll be back in the saddle. 

    in the meantime, my assistant, Saya, will be coming in once a week to answer messages and take care of shipping and updates, so please, in order to not overload her, send only business or other important messages, and only to my real email: sekretcity@gmail.com. since i am currently unable to make any new work, i will be releasing prints of several of the pieces i recently posted, and my assistant will handle all of the shipping and communication for those, so that things can keep running smoothly even when my health is poor.

    as soon as things are back to normal (fingers crossed!), i will let you all know, and in the meantime, i wish you all the best.



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