• First Solo Show: Merry Karnowski 2011 !!!

    hello all,

    so, this coming year is going to be a very different schedule from what i’m used to, as this entire year will be focussed on preparing for my very first solo show!

    over the last few years many gallery opportunities have presented themselves, and i have limited my participation to a handful of group shows, including Saved Gallery, Corey Helford, Roq La Rue, and most recently, La Luz de Jesus. opportunities for solo shows have presented themselves many times, but i have, for various reasons, shied away from them until now, but the day has come! I am very proud to announce that my first ever solo show will be at the Merry Karnowski Gallery in Los Angeles, in November of 2011, accompanying the marvelous Travis Louie!

    as i don’t actually own any of my own paintings, i am going to be working double-overtime at the paint factory for the rest of the year, so that i can stock the show nicely with all-new work, totally unseen by the public eye in any form ‘til the opening. as a result, i will only be able to sell a very small handful of originals this year, much less than usual, and a similar number of prints. to help make up for my decreased income during this period, i will be adding some side projects, for instance the tattoo seminars i have been doing already, and miscellaneous other endeavors, all of which i will post as they materialize.

    i have been in a fever for days, drawing, drawing, staring at the drawings, drawing more…it’s very exciting! i am already working on several projects for this show, many of which will be similar in style to what i’ve been developing over the last few years, but i am also going to take this opportunity to try to branch out a bit, and introduce some new styles, themes, and techniques to my repertoire, including a series of mezzotint prints, something i’ve been itching to do for years. 

    i will post further details as they become available, and i really hope to see you there!

    wish me luck!



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