• 10 new tattoos from Chris Conn

    10 New Tattoos from Chris Conn

    so, i am hereby announcing that i will do ten tattoos in NYC in August of this year. this definitely IS NOT a return to my previous tattoo career. anyone who foolishly places a bet on this being the beginnings of my return to the skin trade will lose their money. this will be the only venue through which to get tattooed by me in any way. please do not contact me about doing any tattoo work outside of this program, as it will not be possible under any circumstances. if you are interested in bidding, please make sure and read this ENTIRE message, no matter how boring it gets.

    Why am I doing this?

    since the early fall of last year, my already tumultuous life has been subject to a terrible run of luck, with one minor catastrophe followed by another ad infinitum. i won’t go into details, or play a tiny violin here, but suffice it to say that my financial situation has become totally untenable, and drastic times require drastic measures. during these times of recession, i’m sure many of you can identify. also, when i quit tattooing three years ago, it was a rather abrupt and unceremonious ending, and i think it will be nice to have a more formal “last hurrah” and go out with a proper bang.

    How Is This Going to Work?

    on june first, i will begin to release the 10 gift certificates on ebay. i will release one certificate per day, and each one will be on the auction block for 24 hours. after the bidding is over on one certificate, the next one will be released, until all 10 certificates are sold. each gift certificate is good for one person, on one specific date. if you win a certificate, that date is yours, and you have the entire work day (8 hours) with me. this includes consulting, drawing and tattooing. during this day, you will get my undivided attention, which means i won’t be consulting with other customers, taking phonecalls, etc. i will spend the entire day (minus an hour for lunch) focusing on the work at hand, slowly and patiently, and with a minimum of distraction.

    What Exactly Can You Get With this Certificate?

    first of all, i want this to be a really great experience for both of us. i want these last ten to be among the best of my career. i want to be able to relax and sink into each piece completely, and spend as much time as is necessary on each piece to indulge my penchant for ornament and detail, and be free to improvise a little along the way. if you want an idea of the size of tattoo that can be done in a day like this, i’ll admit that it’s a bit difficult to judge something like that before knowing exactly what each tattoo entails. the amount of detail, the difficulty of the design, and placement all affect the amount of time spent drawing and tattooing. i’m not laying carpet here, so please think in terms of detail and quality, more than surface area covered. as a sort of average, you might think in terms of medium to large size flash designs, roughly within the size indicated by a hand with outstretched fingers. tattoos on the belly, the waist, the side of the neck, and other such difficult areas may cut the possible amount of finished work in half. feel free to inquire if you have something in mind that may be potentially extra time-consuming, difficult, or oddly placed, so that you’re not bidding on something that can’t be done in the time allotted. once you have won the certificate, please contact me so that we can discuss your design a bit, so that i am prepared both mentally and with the proper reference material before you show up. this will increase the efficient use of the time we have together.

    The Available Dates

    i am planning to make the following dates available: august 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, and finally, the 22th. once again, each certificate is for one specific date that will be posted on the ebay listing for that certificate, and for that day only.

    A Word About The Machines I Will Be Using

    it has been almost exactly three years since i quit tattooing, and i sold all of my old equipment ages ago. i have not done a single tattoo since then. the unstoppable Juan Puente, who made almost all of the tattoo machines i used during my career, is making a set of new irons for me specifically for this occasion. there will be two liners and two shaders. tuned to my preferences. the frames will be extensively decorated in brass brightwork on blue-black steel, with patterns of my own design. we’re also looking into lots of other nice little extra custom touches to make these a truly remarkable and unique set of machines. when all ten tattoos are finished, these machines will be sold on ebay as well. Juan will be finishing these soon, so that i can do some practice work on my own legs and ensure that i’ve still got the touch before i embark on my August adventure.

    Details and Rules:

    i want to make sure that all of the terms and conditions are totally clear to all potential bidders, so please pay close attention to the following:

    1. each certificate will be clearly marked and sold for a specific date. the certificate is good ONLY on that date, and expires immediately afterward. there can be NO rescheduling or rainchecks. PLEASE be very careful and conscious of the date you pick, as there’s no going back once you’ve won it.

    2. each certificate is for ONE person per day only. i would only consider dividing the day between two or three people if they are all getting the EXACT same SMALL design, and this MUST be arranged with me BEFORE YOU BEGIN BIDDING.

    3. each of these certificates will be given ONLY to the person who wins it on ebay. that person has the right to sell it or give it as a gift if they so choose, but that’s up to them, not me. there will be no discounts, favors, extra appointments, exceptions, negotiations, “squeezing in” or bending of rules for anyone, including friends, old customers, ex-coworkers, or even my mom.

    5. the tattoos involved will all be executed in NYC at Saved Tattoo, but please direct any inquiries to me at nolovelost007@hotmail.com. please DO NOT call them, email them, or in any way contact them about it. they have been kind enough to offer that i work with them at their space, and they are already busy enough with their own work without having to deal with extra calls and emails.

    6. this may well be stating the obvious, but i am assuming that anyone bidding on these certificates is familiar with the style i developed in the last few years of tattooing, or the types of designs i use in my paintings, and would want a design that suits that style, so please, no cover-ups, fix-ups, celtic, biomechanical, cartoons, nu skool, psychedelic, graffitti, portrait, or tribal tattoos, i recommend that you email me with a brief description of what you want BEFORE YOU BID, just to make sure that the type of thing you want is something that i am willing and able to do in a day.

    anyways, thank you for your interest, and best of luck to those of you who choose to bid! this will be an exciting and unique event for you and i both.



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