• New 3 Print Set Available Now well, i broke the 5th metacarpal...

    New 3 Print Set Available Now

    well, i broke the 5th metacarpal of my drawing hand, and it’s in a cast, so i will be unable to paint, draw, or really do much of anything for the next few weeks. since i can’t make any new work, i figured it might be a good time to publish some older pieces that have never been printed. this is a set of three prints, sold ONLY as a set:

    All Is Lost…8”x12.5” (20cmx32cm)

    Chauncey…8”x12.5” (20cmx32cm)

    B.Z.G….8”x9” (20cmx23cm)

    all three originals were done with watercolor, graphite, india ink, and some gold leaf. the Chauncey piece was the very first painting of my new career, i made it in 2006, the day i called my job and told them i wasn’t coming back…i think All Is Lost was the next one after that, and B.Z.G. was actually quite recent, just a few weeks ago…

    this will be a limited edition of 200, sold for $100 USD, plus shipping. these are giclee prints, done with lightfast “100-year” archival pigments on fine, heavy Hahnemuhle paper. once again, the work is being done by Jay at Alpha Repro, whose work never fails to amaze me. if you’d like to order one, please use the paypal button below.



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