• A Few Prints from Sold Out Editions Available Now… ...

    A Few Prints from Sold Out Editions Available Now…

    i have a small handful of prints available from various sold-out editions, and will be posting these on ebay starting this weekend. the first two are out now, and i will stagger the postings, two at a time, until they’re all gone. the list includes:

    1 “nightingale and the rose” print, the very last i have of the edition of 200


    1 final test print of “m96”


    1 “fox” with two tiny pinholes in the corners of the upper margins

    …….item # 270284173609

    1 “fox” with very small smudge in external margin

    …….item # 270284170046

    1 “fox” test print on extra-heavy paper


    1 regular “fox” print 


    all of these are from limited editions that sold out some time ago, and will never be reprinted. i will remove the items from this posting as they sell, and add the item numbers of the next available ones.

    oh, and 10% of all proceeds go to the Elephant Sanctuary

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