• SekretCity Summer Sale

    Hello All,
    I sincerely hope that Summer’s warm embrace finds you all in good health and fortune. Unfortunately, it hasn’t for me, as my health has taken a serious downward turn over the last couple of months, and i have been unable to work much at all. I am currently undergoing a new (to me) treatment that seems to be helping, but it will still be a few weeks before i know what’s really up with my health on a long-term basis. In the meantime, i try to paint a little when i can, but won’t be tattooing much at all for a while, as it is currently impossible for me to keep a regular, predictable schedule, and i don’t want to jerk people around with appointments that i may or may not be able to keep.
    So, in the meantime, we have decided to post a special sale to help keep things on track while i’m still ill, and to show our appreciation to all of you whose continued support helps make all of this possible. So, starting today, all of our shirts and hooded sweatshirts will be 20% off, and all of our jewelry and my prints will be 15% off.  For those who place an order of $150 or more, please use the promotion code SEKRET10 to enjoy an additional 10% discount of the entire order.  This sale will end after Labor Day. I hope you enjoy it!
    Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses when you can, and if you’re in good health, please, NEVER take it for granted: be thankful for every day that you are healthy. I hope that you all have a wonderful time in this season of warmth and bounty…

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