• Hello All… So, i released the “Six Girls”...

    Hello All…

    So, i released the “Six Girls” print a few years ago, in two sizes. After looking back over my records, I realized recently that we never fully filled the edition on the LARGE size, as i never sold all of the artist’s proofs. I am very happy to announce that, due to many requests, we are finally releasing those as the remainder of that edition. We will not be releasing the small size, as that was completely sold out.

    These giclee prints are made using rich, deep “100 year” lightfast pigments on fine, extra-thick 310gsm paper. As always, the prints were made by master craftsman Jay Foran at Alpha, and those of you who have bought prints from me in the past will be familiar with the impeccable quality of his work.

    These prints are the largest i’ve ever done, and are approximately 18”x43” (46cm x 110cm). Each print is signed by myself and NOT numbered, but marked A/P for artist’s proof. There are only 20 copies available. 

    If you’d like to order one, please go to:http://www.sekretcity.com/
    products/6-girls. We will begin shipping in approximately one week. 

    As always, thanks so much to all of you for all of your interest and support! May Summer’s Solar magic warm your black little hearts!



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