• Now Accepting Inquiries for Future Appointments in Germany! Hello...

    Now Accepting Inquiries for Future Appointments in Germany!


    Hello all

    So, as many of you may already know, I have left the States indefinitely, perhaps even permanently, and moved to Europe as of last August. I now live in Aachen, Deutschland, where I am avidly pursuing my drawing, painting, and illustrating as before, fueled by the massive amount of inspiration that Mother Europe has to offer, and by the heated stirrings in my blood as this lost son returns home to its source.

    I will also be tattooing here, as soon as my work visa is approved, at my new home shop and General Headquarters: Andreas Coenen’s The Sinner And The Saint Tattoo, at Sandkaulstraße 46, Aachen, Deutschland, 52062. If you’d like to inquire about appointment bookings, please email me at sekretcity@gmail.com, or email the shop at thesinnerandthesaint@web.de

    I will also be sitting in occasionally at various shops throughout Europe as I travel and explore, with old friends and new, including Ink Addiction in Verona, Italia; Santa Sangre in Roma, Italia; The Golden Rabbit, in Paris, France; 23 Keller, also in Paris, and in London, Vienna, Berlin, and many other cities across the continent. I will post as dates become available at any of these shops.

    There are also some exciting new projects on the horizon, which I will unveil as they begin to manifest, please wish me luck, and send your good intentions, prayers, spells, etc. for their fruition and success! I look forward to sharing them with all of you!

    If you’d like to be among the first to be kept up to date about my schedule, new print releases, and future projects, please add yourself to my mailing list by signing up in the little box at the bottom of any page at www.sekretcity.com.

    Any trips back to the States will be very rare, but I will, of course, post about those as well when they come up.

    I sincerely hope that these early days of Winter’s crisp chill invigorate your hearts and minds as much as they do mine, and that the season of Yule brings strength and contentment to each and every one of you…



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